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Sharepoint Training:

Be with us to learn the depths of Sharepoint OnPremise/Online from Microsoft Technologies Experts (15 - 25 years of software industry experienced professionals). Apart from interactive classroom training sessions and covering the topics in depth, career counseling will be provided to make you highly successful in software development roles as our vision is to nurture talent to produce highly efficient software professionals.

Why SharePoint is Right for you?
SharePoint is a leading tool used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies to develop their online and offline capabilities. SharePoint is an industry leading platform for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more. More importantly, today SharePoint is not just for larger corporations; small companies can benefit from the utilization of SharePoint as well.

SharePoint is an enterprise tool with a lot of capabilities, designed with security in mind. If you want to maximize the powerful capabilities of this tool, and discover the reasons why SharePoint is right for you
•     There is a high demand for people with SharePoint skills
•     The salaries are higher than average
•     There are 20,000 new SharePoint users a day (7.3 million new SharePoint users every year)
•     The product is backed by a company with a net worth of $230 billion
•     80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint
•     100% of the US agencies has SharePoint licenses, but they can’t find enough developers
•     You will get ready for industry only after 45 hrs. of our classroom program

Specifically, you will learn:
•     SharePoint 2013/2016 Fundamentals
•     Introducing SharePoint 2013/2016 Development
•     Server Object Model
•     Developing SharePoint Solutions
•     SharePoint 2013/2016 Features Framework
•     Event Receivers
•     Developing WebParts
•     SharePoint Services
•     Custom Timer Jobs
•     Reusable Type Definitions and Templates
•     Client Side Object Model and REST in SharePoint 2013/2016
•     Developing Apps for SharePoint for Office 365
•     Remote Event Receivers
•     SharePoint Security
•     Developing Workflows

Target audience?
• This course is designed for all software professionals, architects, fresh graduates and post graduates

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

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